Big Data

Data, cloud and engagement are energizing Organizations are energized across multiple industries and are presented with enormous opportunity to make organizations more agile, more efficient and more competitive with Bid Data, Cloud and Engagement. Modern Information Management Architecture is required to capture that opportunity.

Big Data is synonymous with technologies like Hadoop, and the “NoSQL” class of databases including Mongo and Cassandra. It is possible to stream real time analytics with ease and spin clusters up and down within minutes.

Industry gains database performance lowering administration, storage, development and server costs across multiple workloads. Also realizes speed with optimized capabilities for deep analytics and optimized workload systems which come up and runs in hours’ time.

Eifer Software Solutions Inc is having expertise in developing an enterprise class big data and analytics platform which allows our clients to address the complete spectrum of big data business challenges. Information management is the key establish the platform helping organizations discovering new insights, operating in a timely fashion and establish the trust to act with confidence

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