Eifer Media Stream-Objective

The objective of EMS is for professional Web Conferencing, online Demo presentation, online tutoring, personal video conferencing and chatting, sharing videos. EMS will facilitate the standard online meeting functionalities such a desktop sharing. The presenter will be able to share the information and also decide to perform a task in real time for attendees to watch the necessary steps to perform the task. By using the desktop sharing functionality a presenter can host an online meeting for multiple users and address a topic successfully.

Users must be able to join the conversation and see the presentations on Android and iOS mobile devices. They can host meetings from iPad, hold audio-only conferences from iPhone, and start or join meetings with a single touch from their iPhone or Apple Watch. Users can connect on whatever device they want from the meeting room through their laptops or mobile devices.

The Objective of EMS video conferencing is to be the simple, instant and, ahem, well-rounded way to meet face to face and video call from anywhere. Easy to start and easy to join, users notice something different right away. Move them around, bounce them off each other, and make video calls fun to use. EMS video conferencing lets colleagues connect with dedicated dial-in numbers, through the computer (VoIP), or with the video calling feature. The important part is that everyone can join the conversation, even the camera-shy and those with old computers.

EMS shall powers business mobility through secure, mobile workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud.

EMS web and video conferencing solutions will provide the secure online meeting experience that businesses truly need. EMS web conferencing delivers highly secure voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our public cloud or your own private cloud. The Public Cloud Service Web conferencing delivers high-quality voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our highly secure cloud, transmitting all web, VoIP and video conferencing data over end to end encrypted connections. With Private Cloud solution, users can maintain the benefits of our public cloud service, but gain control over security, compliance, performance and administration. Industries, such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Education and Government can benefit from EMS.

EMS will be secured cloud-based medical video conferencing solution that helps healthcare providers expand their reach, provide quality care on-demand, reduce costs, and increase their efficiency. Our customers can reduce staff and patient travel expenses without sacrificing the quality of patient care. EMS can help transmit and share documents, images, videos, and more.

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